Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When everything falls into place

Yes it's teaser time again! No sound, just particles & cloth simulation :)


  1. That is... freaking awesome.

    Will it be able to do collisions with outher objects and maintain hair volume?

    Seriously exciting stuff.

  2. ToastBusters:
    Yes that's the intention :)

  3. Jacka, the Duriam team will whorship your ass!, i'll do that!!! but i would prefer donate if you don't mind!
    Thanks very much man!

  4. oh man, damn that's amazing!
    nice and quick too!!!

    i know it's still early days, so i hope you're working on some self collision stuffs :)

    keep it up !

  5. this is cool man and a quick question,It is possible to control density or volume of hair in a region thru a paint tool, this is like weight paint to control the influence? I am not sure whether this exist already if yes kindly let me know the documentation link for the same.

    Thxs once for this feature developement.

  6. Hey again,

    I have been waiting for this for a very long time. Thank you so much for all your hard work. This feature is my last tether to Maya, so you can imagine I'm very excited about this.

    All hail Jahka!

  7. ToastBusters & wayne berry:
    Collisions stuff is not yet coded but it will be implemented later for sure.

    Vertex group support is not yet reimplemented in 2.5, but when it is you'll be able to control hair density with a vertex group and paint the wanted density in weight paint mode.

  8. Holy smokes. So awesome!! Thanks for all your hard work.


  9. Both Cloth and softbody produce uniform stiffness properties throughout the object. But in real life, people have been applying products to their hair to change the stiffness locally since before prehistoric times. Will it be possible to change stiffness properties locally within object, either with cloth or softbody?

  10. Loved it. Another thing I would love to see is multithreaded processing for baking and occlusion preprocessing. Thanks.

    - Floyd

  11. cool stuff!!
    does it interact with wind and collid with other objects?