Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vote for first tutorial topic

Thank you very much for all the suggestions both here and in the blenderartists thread!

First some notes about what can't yet be done in 2.5, but will be possible once I have time to re-implement these things better. Tutorials for things that need these features are currently out of the picture, but I'll be sure to make tutorials of these features once they're done:
  • reactor particles
  • texture controlled emission (disintegrate effect)
  • individually animated particle color (yellow fire turning into black smoke etc)
  • dupliobjects animated properly with particle life

Also like I said in the previous post my artistic abilities are not too great so if you want tutorials on artistic subjects such as for example a waterfall, camp fire, trail of meteorites, you have to give me some reference like a tutorial from some other software so that I can cheat a bit on the artistic side and think about the technical side of things. And who knows, if the thing described in the other tutorial is not yet possible in Blender I might get some inspiration to work on features that enable that kind of functionality :)

So finally for the actual reason for this post: in the side panel you can now vote for the first tutorial topic, so pick your favorite! You can of course also post new ideas for future topics in the comments of this or the previous post.