Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ideas for tutorials

My final course exams are now out of the way so I have a tiny bit more time for particles again, but I still have to get my thesis done so only bug fixes for now. However I had this idea for the near future about making some video tutorials about particles not unlike the ones I've already posted in this blog. I don't really know about my artistic abilities, but at least hopefully I know the functionality of the particle system inside and out :)

I don't have any subjects planned out yet and I think I'll throw the ball to you guys. So please leave comments on what would you like to learn about particles. No need to "+-1" the suggestions as after sufficient amount of ideas I'll probably arrange a vote for the first tutorial subject and after that for the second and so on.

There's no timetable yet, but I'm hoping to have time to start at some point during the next months, so start thinking about ideas!