Friday, September 11, 2009

Hair dynamics

Hair particle dynamics are now done with the cloth simulation!
  • An added hair specific feature of internal friction makes hair act much more realistically.
  • As a result of the earlier point cache update the hair dynamics can now be edited in particle mode after baking just like particle, cloth and soft body bakes.
All this is still very early code and for example collisions with other objects are not implemented yet, but all in all it's light years more stable and better than the old soft body based dynamics!

Some more details in the commit message.


  1. terrific!!! congrats on all your progress =D

  2. well done again! this is a feature i'm sure MANY will make great use of. Thank you for directing your skills to adding features that some have wanted for a while, and some of us never even knew we wanted. Your time and talent is appreciated.

  3. Thank you very much Janne!

    What about collision? You are waiting for any other collsion library integration like Bullet has, or the hair collision requiere special treatment?

  4. ooh ooh,

    love your work Jahka, keep it up!

    just had a thought, how about pressure sensitivity for hair brushing?