Saturday, September 5, 2009

Disconnect & connect

Some more details at the commit message.


  1. This is *huge*, thankyou very very very much! :)

    I'm not sure how much other people will understand how important this is, but working in a pipeline, having to go back and make model edits for client feedback, rigging, etc. this is absolutely invaluable. This will save lots of frustration, and if those future todos get done it will be even better.

    Thanks again!

  2. Oh no, this so usefull!!
    It will save a lot of time, i had problems exactly like that and this is the solution!
    Thank you very much!!!!!!

  3. Janne,thanks!
    Probably it's the most important feature for an hair system.

  4. This is a feature I've wanted in blender for some time. You've just created what will allow for a FAR MORE fluid workflow that doesn't depend on "freezing" the modeling stage just to work with particles on a mesh. Thank you for your talent/hard-work, this will dramatically change in great ways the workflow process for adding/editing particles.

    P.S.: Since you're coded this awesome addition, have you considered creating a method to duplicate then attach the hair(or particles) from one mesh to that of another.

  5. This is plain awesome. I'm creating the fur for the 3:rd time for one of my anthros. The tail was bad and needed a redo in order to rig it properly. After this I don't need to do one day of extra work if I mess up the geometry. :D

    If you are able to do some automation then how about a checkbox labelled "Autodetach on edit". I could use that but it's not necessary.

    More than a million thanks to you. This is a huge timesaver. :D

  6. This is indeed a very important feature! It saves time, gives more freedom and avoids many frustrations!