Friday, March 18, 2011

Rotating & deforming collisions

Particle collisions now support rotating and deforming objects! This should give some nice new possibilities for particle dynamics :) More detailed info in the commit message.


  1. Sweet! Yeah, that'll definitely make for some new possibilities with the particle collisions! Thank you!

  2. Thanks you Janne, awesome work again, after you bring the reactor can I suggest you the possibility to add a animation states into particles? for example for simulate battles, your boids are doing an incredible job but there's no way to make the particles to load an animated mesh under some conditions, let's say: defense & attack, do you get my idea?

  3. Thanks you Jahka so much!
    Does this support HAIR collision as well?

  4. Sam Vila: I actually have some boids code ready for exactly this kind of functionality, but unfortunately the dupliobject code has to be redesigned a bit to allow for such things to be possible (currently all dupliobjects are forced to be identical). But I'd also love to have this functionality, so let's hope for the best!

    Agustin: No, unfortunately hair collisions use the cloth simulation internally, so this update doesn't effect hair.

  5. It's very cool! :) Janne, what means "point particles"? And what did it for?

  6. Hello!
    This comment is a bit irrelevant but I couldn't find any other way to contact you, so I'll place following questions here, if you don't mind.

    I have a project that I was hoping to complete using fluid/newtonian particles, but I've already encountered several problems such as:

    1) low fps of animation playback with long emission time even with lowest amount of particles;

    2) random artifacts with render_type "line" and use_velocity_length turned on: they look like very long lines and appear only for a frame or two (it seems as if some of the emitted particles had enormously high speed). BlenderArtists forum said that this one is cache related but clearing cache helps rarely.

    The most important thing is that the first one makes creation of animation even of an average length almost impossible. Is there a chance that these problems will be fixed somehow in a nearest future?
    If not, could you please suggest any temporary solution?

  7. Jahka I have loved your work with particles and hair ever since blender 2.3. I do have one request. How about something to make low poly game character hair.? Something like this page

    I know we can use your present hair additions to blender then turn them into mesh edges then extrude them . But even with a small hair count like 10 and a low segment count like 4 the mesh still ends up being tens of thousands of polys. Which is much too high to use and a self build amateur hobbyist style game.

    Thanks and sorry if this was posted in the wrong place. I could not find a place to start a new post.

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