Saturday, March 12, 2011

Refactored fluid particles

I already wrote about this development in the blog, but now the refactoring is finally done! Check the video to get a quick start on the new functionality and the commit message for the details :) Now all we need is the particle surfacing from Raul and Stephen and we have some pretty nice fluid capabilities in Blender!


  1. Jahka,
    You rule, this looks great!

  2. Great, any aproximated date to have the reactor back in 2.5? Thanks for your awesome work.

  3. Jahka, maybe this is for the time being the best way to smooth the particles:

  4. Sam Vila: reactor particles will hopefully be back after the next release.

    toontje: now that is an interesting method indeed, and probably achievable with nodes + some trickery, thank you for the link!

  5. Bouancy can be used to make some bubbles in water!

  6. A test I did for a beach waves with SPH in Blender:

    Just need now a good particles mesher to make this usable ! :)
    Like FROST in 3DsMax or emPolygonizer in XSI.