Monday, January 10, 2011

Something old something new

There have been three bigger updates to particles stuff during the last couple of weeks. Mostly things are just like they have been in the past, but only better!

  1. The point cache code has gone through some major changes internally and during the recode I added compression support for all disk caches. So now you can enjoy smaller file sizes in all simulations, not just smoke. I also wrote quite a lengthy post about everything point caches to the new blog, so check out that too (even if you're not so much into the technical stuff there are some ideas about future functionality in the end which you people might find interesting ;)

  2. Hair children now have parting controls, a long hair mode and kink flatness. More about these in a demo video as soon as I have time to make one!

  3. I finally merged Stephen Whitehorn's (chickencoop) viscoelastic sph particle springs patch to trunk, so there are some nice new options for fluid particles. I'll try to make a demo video about this too, so expect to hear from me again soon :)


  1. Hey, Jahka!
    I want to thank you for your great effort on blender code! I use particles a lot at my work. I´m very excited with your news and I think I´m not the only one....
    Can you tell us if you are working on old reactor particles or if you plan to do this soon? I really miss this mode...
    Sorry if you already mention that...

  2. Ever: Thank you! Reactor particles will be back once stuff from Lukas' branch start getting into trunk. This will most probably start happening after Blender 2.6 (or whatever the next non-beta version will be) is released.