Saturday, January 15, 2011

New child particle options video

Here's the promised demo of the new child particle options for hair. I committed these goodies already a week ago, so just get a fresh build to play with these options!


  1. Awesome Jahka. Just donated a little bit.

  2. Spechless,

    Awesome indeed!

    Hope to see it in official blender branch soon!


  3. Awesome :-)

    Thank you so much Jahka.

  4. Very nice thing. I wasn't aware of those issues and the new possibilities shown in this video although I have been using hair for quite some time now (my workflow obviously wasn't really optimized after all) - so the idea of having videos made by the developers is really a very helpful thing. So thank you for the new features and the video - much appreciated.

  5. Is there a way to make hair particle collision enabled?
    Like hair not transpacing the head or shoulders?

  6. this pleases me greatly. the parting functionality is a godsend and should prove highly useful. all those wasted hours styling.... yikes. now it seems way more intuitive on the hair/fur level, as it very well should be. kudos.

  7. Jahka, i can second that what wisdomsage has said, could be the hair particles collision enabled?
    I need i´this for a real project;
    bythe way you are doing a excellent job!

  8. I love the curly modifier. can be controlled part of the loop? making it less curly in a point

  9. Very cool features! Thanks for the video.

  10. wisdomsage & tungee: Proper hair collision is a very tricky thing to get right, and currently there's no proper way to do this in Blender. You can try playing with the hair dynamics "collider friction" and/or strategically placed effectors with a maximum fallof radius.

    jose carlos: Currently you can only change the "shape" parameter of the kink frequency to make the beginning or the end less curly.

  11. every new feature in this video is a welcome addition to Blender, thank you Jahka!!!'

    is this a patch, or in trunk?

    Cant wait to see what you come up with next.

  12. All kinds of awesome, as usual, Jahka!