Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vote for first tutorial topic

Thank you very much for all the suggestions both here and in the blenderartists thread!

First some notes about what can't yet be done in 2.5, but will be possible once I have time to re-implement these things better. Tutorials for things that need these features are currently out of the picture, but I'll be sure to make tutorials of these features once they're done:
  • reactor particles
  • texture controlled emission (disintegrate effect)
  • individually animated particle color (yellow fire turning into black smoke etc)
  • dupliobjects animated properly with particle life

Also like I said in the previous post my artistic abilities are not too great so if you want tutorials on artistic subjects such as for example a waterfall, camp fire, trail of meteorites, you have to give me some reference like a tutorial from some other software so that I can cheat a bit on the artistic side and think about the technical side of things. And who knows, if the thing described in the other tutorial is not yet possible in Blender I might get some inspiration to work on features that enable that kind of functionality :)

So finally for the actual reason for this post: in the side panel you can now vote for the first tutorial topic, so pick your favorite! You can of course also post new ideas for future topics in the comments of this or the previous post.


  1. Hi Jahka, I appreciate your work very much! Thank you for all.
    If your curious about the artistic side of particles you might find these links useful. And maybe you'll find something, that uses techniques you wanted to cover anyway:

    Best wishes


  2. Hi,

    I'm after particle trails, but I'm not sure the kind I need are possible without reactor particles. What I need at the moment is big lumps of particles that emit smaller particles. I can do it in 2.4x but not in 2.5.

    Anyway, voted for basic trails. :)

  3. I've been trying to grow grass with an animated texture the other day, but couldn't figure how (that was on 2.49b, but I wouldn't know how to do that on 2.5, not even sure it's possible.)
    what I figure in 2.49 is that it wasn't possible to use texture animated with hair particle, I just could make it work with basic particle.
    tricks or new feature ? Still I think it could be useful.


  4. he,
    i see your name in book's tony mullen. i am a mexican physics student, i make numerical simulations and i wand to now how i load my data in blender.
    miguel zavala

  5. Concerning the waterfall, I did find an example ( which might not be a big problem to achieve on the particle side if it's just the waterfall(ing), but the forces influencing the 'particle flow' like turbulences in the stream, the fine water spray arising where the water waterfall hits the surface of the water below. The floating particle foam right at 'collision' of falling water and still water which follows the waterstream. I am just not sure how to achieve those effects. Especially floating particles on a surface being displaced by texture doesn't work for me in all my tests, since the all fall through.
    Maybe this is also rather a question to broken or farsthary - but is it possible to use vector motion blur on volumetric material based on particle systems? Thanks for your help.

  6. @ Francois: yes, the growing issue with hair is an important thing ideed. It would be great just create keyframes on the normal parameter and have the hair growing accordingly. Anyway, Jahka said replying to another comment that he'll probably work on this growing feature! Let's keep the finger crossed! ;)

  7. ... and how cool is see this thing among the interesting ideas right here at the side of the screen? :D

  8. simple field (wind) use for cloth would be a nice tutorial

  9. I would really rather see some new 3d particle features coded and finished, before worrying at all about tutorials. The tutorials are just fun to see the new features in action.

  10. Hey guys, sorry to use this post but I'm struggling with this cool thing, how to achieve this effect with the particles?

    You see how the particles move and follow the sphere when it pass through the emitter? how to do that??

  11. Or even better, attraction stuff like this:

  12. Some of the so far not implemented features made the old particle system so nice and different. I hope you can add these features soon!

    Beside that I would like to see a possibility to texture strand particles (at least with simple colorbands)

    See this is an image from 2000) You can see that it can add much realism to grass and other plants.

    Another thing would be to be able to have a strand/hair branch. Great for plants.

    Best Regards,

  13. From my comment at:

    {--begin paste--}
    Hi Jahka, Thank you for you much needed improvements to the Particle System (Branch).

    However, a few of us users linger in the blenderartists forum with concerns to PAttr time and Particle Reactor.

    Here's my post as an example to what I am talking about:

    Thank and keep up the good work!

    Whimsy Collective

    P.S. If possible, could we post comments with name and url. Thanks again.

    {--end paste--}

    I just realized reading this post. Can't wait to see the tutorial for PAttr time (disintegrate effect) and how to use it with nodes and texture.

    I'm been thinking since I want to do motion graphics PAttr time is really useful in 2.49b. So, I stuck using 2.49b and port he footage from 2.49b into 2.5 is an issue because of the linear workflow is much different. That's my jam these days is color management in my workflow.

    Whimsy Collective