Saturday, July 4, 2009

First fruits of pointcache

Fun stuff now possible because of the new pointcache code. And please forgive me if I sound a bit tired on the video, It's now 7am and I've been up all night making final touches to this code that I just committed :)


  1. Great job, simply amazing!
    Keep up the work!

  2. ! great work. I'm looking forward to testing a builds with more of your fine work included. Thank you for directing your talents towards creating these choice additions to Blender.

  3. Wow awesome job :D

    I have a question, is the pointed curling from the end of video is possible in hair type particles?
    For now (2.49 particles) I haven't find a way to make this effect of curling of hair, I missed something?

  4. Wow, those trails look very promising, can't wait to try them! Great update!

  5. these are really nice additions. but i think i found a little bug. as soon as i try to render an animation using the new particle options (at least with trails) blender crashes with the following message:
    search for unknown operator add
    search for unknown operator EXPORT_OT_ply

    You might take a look at it
    rendering still works perfectly though.

  6. n-pigeon:
    Yes it's possible also in 2.49, it's just perhaps hidden under the horrible mess of buttons. Activate child particles and check the button/ui-toggle "kink/branch".

    Hmm, I didn't get the same message, but did get a crash. I just committed a fix, so please let me know if it's fixed for you.

  7. great, thanks..
    just tested it and it seems fixed, but i just found another one. i droped you a mail on this :)

  8. jahka:
    THX for response and help, it works :D

  9. Jahka,what do you think about underfur and guard hair?
    I used the absolute lenght in the past to cut the length,and using another particle system to do guard hair but it could be cool to have that behaviour in ONE particle system,it will be easier.
    For that I have tried using a voronoi texture with clamped intensity to change the length but it doesn't work well.

  10. Jahka:
    Looking great. I like seeing the particle instancing working so smoothly. I'll have to give it a go when I get off of work today.

    If it's not currently possible. I'd like to be able to animate the instance. And animate the hair with the instance following the motion. Would be useful to have a group be an instance as well. Getting closer to path editing I think!

    One thing worth looking into Jahka is issues seem to exist with hair and soft body dynamics. Shifting seem to occur at the base of children strands originating from either particles or face. Not sure if this still exists as a problem in 2.5x builds, but I came across it recently in 2.49a. I can provide a sample file if you'd like.

  11. pino:
    Hmm, I don't quite know how you could make a nice general solution to having different length hairs in one system, so I guess you'll just have to make two systems like before.

    I don't quite know what you mean by animating the instances. Any modifier (animated or not) is ofcourse applied before the particle instance modifier. And as talked on irc, I'll look at the hair sb problem and it would be nice to get a sample blend.

  12. What about using the rough2 threshold?
    For me is like it should work,with that threshold if I understand well you decide how many children hair are affected by noise,for me guard and underfur is the same,only for lenght,as guard hair are a percentage of the total(with good uniform distribution).
    Guard length could be the whole lenght(1.) of the particle,and underfur a fixed percentage,like 0.2,0.3 and so on,and threshold how many guard hair there are in the system.
    Btw,I can use 2 particles system,here the problem is that combed hair aren't shared between different particle system.
    You are doing a great work,I forgot to tell you!

  13. jahka: I sent a .blend. Let me know if you have received.

  14. pino:
    Hmm, yes now I see how that could be usefull, a very interesting idea. I'll have to see how it would/could fit into the particles code, thanks for the idea!

    Received and hopefully soon to be fixed! :)

  15. awesome work!

    I have an idea thou, i dont know if it's doable. Wouldn't it be cool to make a bezier curve or spline/path. and parant it to the emitter object. as a path for the particles to take ?

    so when it generates particles, they follow the spline/path.

  16. Martin:
    Is this something that can't be acchieved with curve guide effectors?