Saturday, June 6, 2009

First 2.5 particle code

First 2.5 commit done. Many things are not yet working properly, but at least particles have buttons!! So what's new:

- I did an experimental new (hopefully more logical) categorization of buttons and would very much like some feedback on that.

- There are now separate render & draw options, for example now there is actually a render option "halo" which is what happened previously at render with all the different point draw types.

- This should have been done a long time ago in 2.4x, but better late than never. Now particles get recalculated only from buttons that actually change something that has to be recalculated, for example changing visualization doesn't reset particles any more.

- Boid physics buttons are still missing as I'm currently redoing the whole boids code anyways.

- Point caching is still very wip, so for example baking is not yet possible.

As 2.5 doesn't yet have datablock handler buttons testing the new buttons should go something like this:
- get a 2.5 build compiled after my commit (20664)
- save a blend with particles in 2.4x
- load the blend in 2.5.


  1. Are all these updates for 2.5 or are for example the new particle recalculation buttons available in the 2.4x trunk?

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Trunk is frozen for all but critical bug fixes so these are all for 2.5.

  3. Thanks for the update Jahka!

    Did the "Amount" parameter is still locked after 100.000 particles or the new 2.5 slider permit to put an higer value ?

    The new gategorization looks really good and clear.

    I don't know if the 2.5 UI permit this, but it could be really usefull to pick the effector group in the Outliner instead of typing his name ... ;o)

    With other guys of the Blender Clan in France (LGuillaume, Zeaurao, and more), we discussing about new features proposal and will send you comments on this blog about them. Hope you'll find theme interesting.

    Thanks again !!!!

  4. Nice !

    I would love to have a color option for visualistaion, and a color ramp for particle lifes visualisation.

    Also, mapping objects material ipos to particle lifes would be cool.

    Thx anyway, great work !